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October 20, 2013
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I groaned and leaned on the door, slowly sliding down. My throat slightly burned and I hissed as a sharp pain coursed though my gut. I finally hit the ground and took in a much needed breath. Once the pain subsided, I opened my eyes and took in another breath. I rubbed my temple and glared at the floor.

"Jack! Get out now! This is an invasion of privacy!" I heard his infamous laughter; what a shocker. He must be getting a kick out of this.

"Hold on, (f/n). I'm almost situated in here." I bit my lower lip as I felt his energy shifting in me as if he was poking and prodding around to find a comfortable position. Ugh, I think I'm gonna throw up...

"I'm not going to be your personal transportation service! Do I look like a taxi?" I grabbed the door handle and shakily stood up, my knees threatening to give out. I put a hand over my abdomen and frowned at the increased heat on my skin. It felt like the heat from a fire when you stand next to it. I felt heat on my arm with the scratches and they began to become cloaked behind black fog escaping from the wounds.

"No, you don't. You look like a police officer." I blinked and stare down at my attire.

"I can't go to class in this! We are only allowed to wear them on active duty!" I could faintly feel Jack roll his eyes.

"Not only do you look like one, you talk like one," he responded in a bored tone. I shook my head and walked over to a mirror. My breath hitched and I slightly jumped when I saw my reflection staring back at me. I took a step closer and leaned in closer, my mouth slightly agape.

I gently wiped a finger over the bags underneath my eyes, an ominous feeling sweeping over me. I saw that my once vivid (e/c) eyes were now a shade lighter and sickly looking. My face seemed paler in comparison to my normal skin tone; my lips even were a slightly pale, but they still held some color.

"I look like a zombie raised from the dead."

"You look better than a zombie, trust me. I see zombies everyday and you don't even compare to them." I saw a slight blush appear on my cheeks. That's actually a good thing in this situation. "You might want to shut that window over there, don't want someone to just sneak in here." Jack chuckled deeply.  "But we both know what happens to humans who enter this house. Jacob and Xavier figured that out yesterday." I felt my muscles tense up, but not from Jack saying he killed two teenagers in cold blood. I glanced at the window to my left and I saw that it was open.


"That's my name." I walked over to the window and closed it, resting a hand on the frame. I glanced at a pine tree across the street.

"What am I looking at right now?"

"I'm guessing that pine tree that is smack dab in front of you." I closed my eyes and rested my head on the glass. "And now you are staring at darkness!"

"You can see what I see."

"Sure can." I huffed and sulked away from the window, crossing my arms. I stopped in the middle of the living room and gave an exasperated laugh.

"As if I didn't think that you possessing me was a major invasion of my privacy, now you can see..." I felt a huge rush of heat race to my cheeks, "what I see. That means when I..." I probably looked like a tomato now. "Son of a mother duck..."

"I know where you're going with this. Don't worry about that, I will allow you privacy for that." There was a short, uncomfortable silence. "But do keep in mind I am not made of stone."


"I'm kidding!" I knew he was lying, I could feel it. Literally. I glanced at my watch.

"Dammit! Class starts in five minutes! You see? This is why I said I had no time!"

"Even if you did leave, you still wouldn't have had time to change and get your backpack then rush all the way there. I do come in handy, you know. Think of me as Dora's backpack."

"If I don't see something, will you advise me where it is so I don't stare into someone's soul asking where it is when I can just turn around and it's right behind me?" Jack laughed and his energy shifted slightly. I got a small chuckle out of that. Jack went silent.

"You laugh the same way you did when you were a child."

"Is that a good thing?"

"Of course it is. I have always adored your laugh." I smirked and stared down at my uniform. This is still a problem. "Hold still, I got your covered."

Black fog began to overlap my clothes. I felt a slight gust and I slightly growled. He better not be doing anything! The fog soon dispersed and I glanced down to see I was in a new...interesting outfit. I now wore a long sleeved black and white stripped sweater with black jeans. It was surprisingly comfortable to tell you the truth.

"Well then, thank you, Jack." I saw a (f/c) item on the floor next to me. It was my backpack! Well, smooth sailing so far. "Now I just need to get to class."

"I got that covered. You might want to close your eyes, though." I took his advice and shut my eyes tightly, feeling a gust of wind circle around me. I saw a white flashes from behind me eyelids. What in the world? Curiosity killed the cat...


I opened my eyes slightly and I was immediately blinded by very bright flashing white and black lights. Was this Hell for eyes!? I put my hands over my eyes and growled from the brightness. I felt my feet finally hit the ground and I opened my eyes.

"What the hell was that?"

"I told you not to open your eyes," Jack said, not sounding all to pleased with me. I shrugged and saw that we were right next to the building where my class is. With a dizzy vision, I walked into the classroom, taking a seat somewhat isolated from everyone else. I sat my book bag down and combed my fingers though my hair. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I glanced up to see Caleb, another one of my good friends. I smiled up at him and gave a small wave. He looked concerned.

"(F/n), is everything alright? You don't look so good."

"I just don't feel like myself today, I'm not feeling well today." Caleb frowned and glanced at the professor.

"I'm sure he will excuse you, you are one of his best students." I shook my head and cracked my knuckles nervously.

"Nah, I'll be fine. I'm just a little under the weather today. Not a big deal." Being possessed by a clown isn't a bid deal. Nope. Caleb huffed and tapped my desk a couple times, an eyebrow cocked in concern.  

"If you say so." Caleb sat down in his chair a few rows down from me. I slumped down in my chair and ruffled my hair. Did I really look that bad?

"One down on my list. How many more do I need to know about?" I dug my nails into my palm and I stayed quiet.

There were a lot more that he did not know about. The people he added to his 'list' were the people he tortured and or killed. My friends were too precious to me, I didn't want to put them in danger by just walking around with Jack. My main course of concern was for Zach. When Jack found out about Zach, all Hell will break lose. There has to be some way I can bribe Jack to not kill anyone.

Although that might be kinda hard.

Or it will be REALLY hard. Most likely really hard. If not impossible.

"Okay class, put away all books, notebooks, etc. You may have out two pencils. I do not tolerate cheating and if I catch you cheating, you will receive a zero, I will rip you test up in front of you and you will be kicked out of the class. I do not want to do that to anyone, but I will. Good luck."

"Great, just great," I whispered. I took out two pencils and rested my head in my palms.

"You'll do fantastic on this," Jack cooed in my head. I rolled my eyes and sat up as the teacher walked up to me.

"Miss (l/n), are you okay? You look pale." I nodded my head and reached for a test.

"Yes sir, I'm fine. Just woke up feeling a little queasy this morning."

"If you need to go to the bathroom, I can give you some time out of class." I shook my head and began to write my name on my test. Is everyone going to ask me if I'm okay?

"I'll be fine." I focused on my test. Well, I tried to. My mind was so blurry and stressed that I couldn't even think of the answer for the first question. I am so screwed.

"Do you need some help?"

"No, Jack. I got this. Maybe if you didn't possess me I could think clearly," I whispered, barley audible to even myself. Jack laughed and I felt the energy turn in my gut. My mouth slowly pries itself open and black fog trickled down from my mouth. I watched with wide eyes as the fog swerved between the chairs legs, making it's way for the professor. The fog dissipated behind the podium and I began to nervously tap the desk. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the black fog enter the professor. He began to cough and hack. Everyone glanced up at the professor. "Oh my goodness..."

"Mr. Solowski" smirked at me and I face palmed, knowing that Jack had total control over the man. I groaned into my palm and glanced back at me test.

"What are you all looking at? Never seen a middle-aged man cough before?" I heard whispers from a few students before everything went silent. Jack walked over to me with a piece of paper and he snuck it under my  test. I furrowed my eyebrows and glanced at the paper. My eyes became saucers as I stared right at the answer sheet. All the work and everything. I glanced back up at Jack with the same shocked expression.

"Do it," he whispered. Jack walked back over to the podium and sat the professor in the chair. The blag fog trailed out and raced back for me. A shiver went down my spine as I felt the fog climb me and settle back in. Except this time, it felt...good? It didn't hurt like last time.

I glanced down at the answer sheet and smirked, readying my pencil.

The bell went off and I grinned at my test, which was 100% correct. That was when I began to panic.

"How am I supposed to get this back up there?" I said while shaking the answer sheet.

"You worry too much." My fingers snapped and in a small poof the answer sheet appeared back on the podium. I laughed and stood up, grabbing my backpack. I handed my test to Mr. Solowski and he smiled at me.

"Ms. (l/n), you look better!" I smiled. Thank the heavens.

"Yeah, I do. Guess it was just a pre-test sickness. But I feel really good about that test." Mr. Solowski laughed and patted my back, smirking. I heard Jack give off a small growl. I felt my tongue twitch slightly.

"Don't touch me," I growled. Mr. Sokolowski's eyes widened in surprise. I gasped and slapped a hand over my mouth.

"I am so sorry! I don't know what got into me. I am so sorry," I said as I rushed out of the room, on the verge of tears. I sat down under a tree and threw my backpack on the ground, pulling out my cellphone to make it look like I wasn't talking to myself like a crazy person.

"Jack! What the hell was that," I snarled. I was furious to learn he has control over what I said.

"You are cute when you are mad, you should get mad more often."

"I'm about to get REALLY adorable if you don't answer me!"

"Fine. I didn't like him touching you." I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't belong to you, Jack." I heard him growl and I felt unnerved. I shifted and leaned more on the tree, crossing one arm over my chest.

"Who is Jack," a familiar voice asked. I squeaked and turned around to see Zach standing behind me. I smirked and shook my head.

"Yeah, see you at work." I 'hung' up my phone and put it in my pocket. "Oh nothing, a higher ranking officer thinks he can boss me around when I'm off duty." Zach smirked and sat next to me, giving me a kiss on the lips. If I though that growl from earlier was scary, then I really didn't know what scary sounded like. I could feel the hate radiating off of Jack. But here was something else mixed in with it. Jealousy?

"He must be an ass, so don't listen to him." I shifted as Jack shifted; he went into a very uncomfortable position in there.

"I wouldn't call him an ass. He... he just doesn't like his officers to be messing around." Zach pulled me close and I rested my head on his shoulder. I ran a hand down his arm and frowned. I soon began to feel very tired and my eyes began to droop. My muscles tightened as my eyes closed. I felt as if I was being sucked back into a dark void. As soon as I stopped, I opened my eyes to see Jack glaring at me, his teeth grinding against each other.

I whimpered as he began to walk over to me. I tried to run away from him, but it was as if I was frozen in place. A gasp escaped as Jack tightly snatched my arm and pulled me close to him. A dark smirk formed on his black lips.

"So, that's Mr. Perfect, huh?" I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I tried to pull away. I began to beat Jack's arm but he didn't even beat en eye at my attack. "Does he make your heart flutter? Does he just make life worth living?" I bit my lower lip and sniffed, glaring up at Jack.

"Yes, he does!" Jack growled and threw me to the floor harshly. I hissed as my ribs hit the hard ground. I rolled onto my back and grasped my ribs. Jack stared down at me with a slight glare.

"I can see though his disguise, (f/n). He isn't a golden-boy." I grasped my hurt side and slowly stood up, hissing slightly from the pain.

"Neither are you, Jack. Neither are you." Jack laughed and walked up to me. He leaned down so we were eye level.

"Do I look golden to you?" I blinked slowly and shook my head.

"No." He smirked and stood back up. I saw him walk away into the darkness. I glared at his back and stood up straight, despite the pain in my side. "You did, too." Jack halted in place and turned to face me. He turned to me and his eyebrows lowered in a confused manner.

"What are you talking about?" I closed my eyes as more tears fell down, making my eyes raw. I sniffed and opened my eyes to stare at him.

"You used to be my Mr. Perfect." Jack's expression softened and he took a step closer to me, which caused me to take a step back. "I loved you more than anything in the world. I loved you so much. You were my light in the darkness."

"(F/n)..." I turned away from him and used a sleeve to wipe away the tears.

"You were the only thing that kept me from ending all my pain." I faced him and gave a small smile. "I didn't do it because I didn't want to hurt you." I nodded and glanced into the darkness. "Jack? Did you realize that you were the only reason I didn't take my own life? And I saw the movies, I knew that to do."

"I...I don't..." I smirked and walked up to him.

"You were the worst best thing that ever happened to me." Jack pulled me into a hug and rested his chin on my head. I unconsciously leaned into him, my smirk growing. "You're like my guardian angel." Jack pushed me away playfully and grabbed my nose, smirking.

"No need for insults."

"What? Saying you are my guardian angel?" Jack nodded and stared into the darkness.

"I'm a demon in a way, you know."


"Okay? Hmm, you took that better than I thought."

"(F/n)," a distant voice called. I stared up and blinked. Jack growled and he grabbed my chin, forcing me to stare into his eyes.

"I will make you mine and only mine."

"(F/n)!" I gasped and opened my eyes, breathing heavily. I had a death grip on Zach's sweater as I pulled back, staring at the teardrops I left on. He pulled me back more and stared at me with concern. "What is wrong with you?"

"Oh nothing. I just...I.." I bit my lower lip and I shot up from my spot, "I gotta go." I took off for my next class.

School finally ended. Jack was pretty much silent the rest of the day, even when my friends would come around. I got that occasional hate wave, which I was glad when it happened since it let me know Jack was still with me. But I still got that feeling he was remembering them for later. Especially Zach.

I began to run. I felt Jack shift and perk up.

"Where are we going?"

"To the cemetery."
FINALLY I got this thing up. I put in a little drama there, so yeah.

Part 3:…
Part 5:…
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