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Readers P.O.V (14 years later; age 21)

I groaned and sunk deeper into my chair, staring blankly at the professor who was blabbering nonchalantly about his trip to Asia, which was completely irrelevant to this class. To make things worse, he has a monotone voice. If there was an elephant about to be dropped on me from the heavens above at this very moment, I would stay right here. I accept your downfall, elephant.

I nearly shot through the doors on a rainbow when the bell finally rang for lunch.

“Have a good day, class. And remember, tomorrow is the test! Be sure to study!” I rolled my eyes and threw my (f/c) shoulder bag on, pacing towards the double doors that lead to the campus courtyard.

Gee Mr. Solowski, thanks for telling us about your eloquent trip to Asia! When I am answering questions on the different diseases humans can contract, all I will be thinking about is you trip to Asia and how you thought the rice was bland!

I blinked quickly a few times to adjust my eyes to the vivid brightness the sun radiated. I reached into my shoulder bag and pulled out a lunch bag with my (f/sandwich) and (f/chips) with a cool drink of (f/d) to wash it all down. I sat under an oak tree and threw my bag to the side, causing some of my notebooks and pencils to fall out. I glanced quickly at the mess and shrugged. I wanted to pick it up, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

I laughed silently to myself and took a sip of my (f/d). I love that video.

I smirked as two hands covered my eyes, blocking my vision. I slowly sat down my sandwich and tapped my thigh.

“Guess correctly and you get to see again and continue eating,” a male voice cooed. I hummed and continued to tap my thigh, acting like I was thinking hard.

“Is it….Santa!?” The voice laughed and let go of my eyes, sitting next to me. Zach gave me a quick kiss on the lips and pulled out a black box with a red ribbon around it. I gasped and covered my mouth with my fingertips. He smiled down at me.

“You could say that.” I slowly grabbed the box and took off the lid, placing it next to me. I stared wide-eyes at the silver bracelet with the (f/c) diamond in the middle. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I slowly put it on, admiring the diamond. I glanced up at him when he wiped a salty tear away.

“Why…how did you-“he kissed me and rubbed the side of my cheek. We broke apart and he smiled at me, still keeping me close so I could feel his hot breath on my lips. I slightly blushed, even though I had no reason to.

“I saved up through my job as a pizza boy. Not the best job and it took a while, but I managed to pull it off.” I laughed and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hey! Someone has to deliver those pizzas!” Zach laughed and ruffled my hair, pulling out a ham and cheese sandwich from his backpack. I continued to admire the bracelet. “Thank you so much. I don’t know how I can every repay you…” Zach smirked and leaned closer to me, his eyes becoming lidded.

“I know a way.” I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, taking a bite of my sandwich. I knew where this was going and it was not going to happen.

“You know I am waiting for marriage to do the deed.” Zach sighed and wrapped a muscled arm around me, staring at me from the corner of his eyes.

“Not even a little?”

“Not one little bit. End of conversation.” Zach sighed and continued to eat his sandwich, taking a quick drink from my (f/d). He snapped his fingers and turned to me, smiling.
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Some friends and I are heading to this club in Franklin County. Wanna tag along? They are bringing their girls!” I froze at the mentioning of Franklin County. I began to tremble as the memories of that night flooded back into my mind.

I remember the blood.

The screams.

The two men who took everything away from me.

I remembered someone else, but their face was fuzzy.

I closed my eyes and tried to shake it away. Zach didn’t know about my past and I never wanted him to know. He didn’t know about my stay in the hospital; both of them. Doctors in both institutions tried to make me ‘good as new’ as they so delicately put it. Let me tell you something. The events that happened that night shattered my world, it shattered me as a person. I will never be ‘good as new.’

“Hey baby, are you okay?” I jumped at his voice and rubbed my eyes, wiping away a tear at the same time. I took in a deep breath and smiled up at him. Might as well go, I will be forced by the tickle monster anyways.

“Yeah, I’m fine. A frickin’ gnat just flew into my eye and I got irritated. But to answer your question, sure, I’ll go!” Zach smiled and hugged me tight, resting his chin on the top of my head.

“That’s great news!” We heard a group of men call Zach’s name and we looked up to see Zach’s army friends. They all had smiles on their tan faces, making make-out poses and blowing kisses.

“Your friends are weird.” Zach laughed and kissed me on the head before hopping up.

“I know they are. But remember, you encouraged me to join and meet these weird people.” I shrugged but continued to smile. “I’ll pick you up around 9:00 or so, so be ready, Miss (f/n)!” I saluted him and he saluted back, walking off.

I sighed happily and turned to my bag. I grabbed my Anatomy book and began to finish my homework that was due in 30 minutes.

I strolled to my car after my last class and threw my bag into the back seat, already feeling how hot the car was. It was hot, I’ll tell you that. I heard the door across from me open and I saw a purple backpack land next to mine. I glanced over my roof to see a friend of mine, Ally, staring back at me with a smile.

“So I heard that you were going to give me a ride home?”

“I think you heard wrong, but I’ll take you home. Be careful not to burn yourself on the belt buckle again.”  She rolled her eyes and jumped into the passenger seat, surprisingly not burning herself. I am quite impressed right now. I sat down in my seat and put in my Breaking Benjamin CD.

“Thanks for taking me home. Xavier ditched me for his friends when he said he would give me a ride.” I narrowed my eyebrows and stared intently at her.

“Why are you still with him? He treats you like shit.” She sighed and shrugged, staring at me blankly.

“Love makes people do stupid things.”

“You do not love him, Ally. He has you thinking that you love him so you will give in and give him what he wants. Then he will leave you in the dust.” I glanced over to see her with a sad expression. I frowned, feeling bad.  “I’m sorry I said that, but you know it’s the truth. When I hear him tell you he loves you, I scoff to myself and say he is the biggest liar on this whole campus. Possibly the whole state and/or country.”

Ally turned towards me, a small smirk on her face. I hated to see her sad, she was always the life of the party. But lately, she seems deflated. I know exactly who to blame for that.

“So, did Zach tell you about going to the club tonight?” I nodded and turned onto the road.

“Yeah, I’m going.” I gripped the steering wheel lighter, dreaded memories racing back to me. “You?” She shrugged and stared out the window at the passing shrubbery.

“Same. I hope this is a good club.”

“I heard some gossip about it. It sounds like a nice one. It’s sort of new, a couple years.” I blinked absently and turned onto her street. I glanced at the clock to see that it was 7:30. I had an hour and a half to get ready.


“And we are just now going…” Ally turned to me with a single-shoulder shrug, a small smile pulled to one side of her mouth.

“Well, the guys were busy with training and boot camp and all that. Besides, this has to be one day where I am free of homework.” She crossed her arms behind her head, closing her eyes and lifting her chin up in a triumphant manner.

“I am always free of homework.” I got a good chuckle out of that.

“That is because you don’t even do your homework.” She smirked and took a drink of water.
We pulled into her driveway and I unlocked the door for her. We waved good-bye to each other and I headed for my small apartment. Before I took off, my phone began to ring.


“Officer (l/n)?” I signed and glared at the garage door in front of me. When I was 18, I decided to become an officer. My purpose? To protect kids, or anybody for that matter, from what I experienced. I never want anyone to go through that. My sole purpose it to protect the public from harm.
“This is her.”

“This is Rhonda, the station receptionist.” I smiled and took a drink of (f/d). I pulled my hair into a high ponytail (unless you have short hair).

“Yes, Rhonda, I know who you are.” Rhonda laughed.

“Are you doing something tonight?”

“Yeah, I am.” Rhonda clicked her tongue and sighed. I knew she hated to give me this unexpected news. After all, I am still a college kid.

“Well, sorry to ruin any plans, but you are assigned to a scene investigation.” My jaw dropped and I glared even harder at the garage door.

“This is ludacris! I did not agree to this!”

“Officer Turner dropped out and you were next in line, so you have to go.” I growled and made a mental note to shoot Ryan when I saw him again.  Then double tap because nothing is ever down on the first go. Maybe three times just for the hell of it.

Then I will go to jail.

I sighed in defeat and ran a hand down my cheek. I took out a piece of watermelon gum and began to chew on it out of frustration.

“Fine. What time do I need to be there?” Rhonda clicked her tongue and I could hear the clicking of her mouse in the background.

“Be there at 8:30. You all are going to go over the mission first then you will head out.” I nodded and put my car into reverse and slowly began to back out.

“Alrighty then, see you in a few, Rhonda.”

“I’m sorry about this honey. I know you want to go out with your friends.” I smiled warmly and headed for my apartment. I glanced at the sky and saw it turning into a sunset.

“It comes with the job, Rhonda. I knew before I joined that I would be called at unexpected times. It’s not that big of a deal, though. I can always go the next time. Well, hopefully I can go next time.” Rhonda laughed.

“Alright baby, see you in a few.”

“Bye bye.” I hung the phone up and growled. Something is always interrupting my plans. Well, time to make a call. I dialed Zach’s number and sighed, waiting for him to pick up. After a few rings, he picked up.


“Hey baby.”

“Oh, hey (f/n)! Are you pumped for tonight?” I shrunk down in my seat and frowned.

“I’m calling to talk about that. I-I can’t go tonight. I just got a call in from the station and I have to go help with an investigation.”

“You can’t go? Damn…” The silence for the moment allowed me to hear Zach’s friends.

“Aww Zach, you get to be alone now.” I heard Zach laugh deeply.

“Yeah, just like you Carl.” I heard the men roar in laughter. I could see the embarrassment on poor Carl’s face. He had a girlfriend once, but he got dumped. He never could score another one ever since.

“Dude, shut up!” He was quiet for a while. “It’s true…” I couldn't help but smile.
“Well, stay safe on your mission!”

“I will. Love you.”

“Love you too.” I hung up the cellphone and threw it on the passenger seat, combing back strands of hair. This investigation better be worth my time…

I arrived at the station in my uniform and sighed, taking a swing of my highly caffeinated coffee. This was my life preserve right now. Rhonda smiled and shook my hand.

“You look chipper this afternoon,” she joked, obviously noticing the bags under my eyes. College and working doesn’t give you much time for beauty sleep.

“I would not be able to make it if it wasn't for this,” I said as I gave the cup a small kiss of gratitude. Rhonda smirked and pointed to the conference room.

“They stared early. I don’t know how much they went over already.” I nodded and walked into the room, throwing my cup away and licking my lips. All the other officers turned to me and gave me a smile. Everyone began to get up and grab their stuff. I blinked and stared at our Chief.


“Oh, (f/n), we already talked about everything. Just to give you a run down, collect any evidence you see and try to find witnesses.” I bit my lower lip and nodded. Sounded simple enough. I scooted next to him and peeked at a paper.

“So, where is said investigation?”

“3349 Thompson Way.” I felt like I just got hit by a truck. Multiple times. My throat became dry and I felt my muscles tense. Chief narrowed his eyebrows at me. He put a hand on my shoulder and gently shook me.

“Are you okay, kid?” I slowly shook my head and continued to shake. All those damn memories.

I had to go back there.

I closed my eyes and mentally slapped myself out of it. I sighed deeply and gave a shaky smile to my Chief. Tears began to form in the corners of my eyes.

“Yeah, I-I’m fine. I just got something in my eye.” I rushed the last part to where it was almost inaudible and I bolted for the door.

I got into Officer James and buckled my seat belt, resting my head on the back of the headrest. Oliver James was a couple years older than me. However, we began around the same time. He had a calm demeanor to him; it was pleasant to be around him to say the least. I also trusted him with all my heart, which had its positives and negatives. Mostly positives, by the way.

“What’s up with you,” he asked in his almost baritone voice. I opened my eyes and rolled my head over to face him. I knew there were tears staining my face. He frowned and handed me a handkerchief. I thanked him and began to rub my tears away that had begun to sting my raw cheeks. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh…I-I was just thinking about it. That house that we are going to….” I blinked slowly and glanced outside. “I used to live there.”

“Oh. You must be shocked that someone got murdered there, in your old house.” I turned and faced forwards, my expression hardening. The atmosphere in the car began to grow dark and depressing. Or maybe that was just me.

“That wasn’t the only murder.”

“What?” I closed my lip and bit my lower lip, slowly shaking my head.

“Can you keep it a secret? I don’t like telling people about my past.”

“Sure, go for it.” I felt my stomach drop and I felt like puking up my guts. The darkness pressed harder on me. I could feel a headache growing by the second.

“My parents died there.” I gripped the seatbelt as the car nearly screeched to a halt. I groaned and glanced at Oliver who stared at me with wide eyes, his mouth agape.

“And they are sending you there!?” I shrugged and crossed my arms.

“I need to learn to let go of the past. It happened, it’s over with… and there is nothing I can do about it.” I glared as the faces of the men who murdered my parents became visible in my thoughts.

“That is not something you can let go easily, (f/n).” He kept quiet for about half a minute. “I am so sorry to hear that.” I smiled and stared at him.


We pulled up into the familiar driveway to see another cop car there. Oliver parked the car and we entered the house. There were several large blood puddles stained into the tan carpet. The house itself appeared as if there was a major struggle. (There was minimal furniture there left from the parent’s deaths) Walls were splattered in blood, some furniture was tipped over, scratches were on the wall, and it appeared as if a lion killed a herd of zebras in here.

“What happened,” I asked.

“Two teenagers intruded here and they were found severely cut and their necks were snapped,” one of the elder officers replied. He glanced up at me with worried eyes. “But whoever did this left us a little gift.” I raised an eyebrow and followed the officer into a room. I gasped and covered my mouth, my eyes going wide.

‘Pop goes the weasel’ was written in blood on the wall.  The officer turned around to show me more.


I shook my head and slowly backed out of the room, the malodor of the blood stinging my nose. I gagged and shook my head, taking in a much needed breath.

“Alright everyone, you know what to do. Search for more evidence, ask for witnesses, you know the drill.”

After an hour or so, we decided to call it a night. All the light that was left on was the single chandelier in the living room, which was covered in dust. That’s a fire hazard!
All the other officers took off while Oliver and I stood there for a little bit. I glanced up at him.

“You go on ahead, I’m going to stay here.”

“I don’t think you are allowed to do that…”

“Well, this is my home, after all. I’ll catch a bus and come back. I just want to walk around the house.” Oliver nodded and turned his back, giving a small wave.

“Fine. See ya later.” He closed the door behind him. I immediately ran up to my old room and closed the door behind me. I slowly strolled over to my bed and sat down, the boards underneath slightly creaking from age. I smiled and rubbed a spot next to me on the mattress.

I glanced over to see my old (f/c) teddy bear. I squinted my eyes to see that there was an X over the heart. I hummed to myself and rubbed over the X.

There was a strange vibe when I held the teddy in my hands.

The vibe was almost like a lost memory that is penetrating through some mental barrier just to be revived again. I held on tighter to the bear. The vibe became stronger. This feeling I was experiencing... it feels so familiar. A distant, yet comforting warmth wrapped gently around me as if I was being held, just like I was holding my teddy bear. Just by holding this bear, those foggy memories of the mysterious person who haunted my memories began to clear up, making up a shape.

But, someone else was in the picture. A little girl.

A little girl with (h/c) hair and vivid (e/c) eyes holding someone close to her. She was smiling and laughing. Happy. Whoever this being she was embracing was, they made her very happy.

Someone made me happy when I was just a child. Someone was there with me through all the hell I went through.

I snapped out of my thoughts as I yawned sleepily and my eyelids began to plunge into sleep. I shrugged and reclined on my bed, embracing the teddy bear close to me. I breathed in the scent on the teddy bear and smiled, falling into a deep slumber.

It smelled like an M&M’s chocolate bar.

(I WAS going to make her meeting Jack in another chapter, but I decided not to. People are here for Jack and I will give the people Jack!)

I shivered as a cold night breeze circled around me and sent shills down my spine. I moved my head only to feel dirt shifting underneath my cheek, the rough ground scratching at my skin. I gagged and spat out some dirt, rubbing my tongue on my sleeve in hopes to remove the foul taste in my mouth.

It was then that I noticed the giant sign in front of me. It was a huge, slightly rusted sign with bright-white, flickering lights that read ‘Carnival’. The sign was surrounded my multicolored lights. The sign was below a gravel path that lead to the carnival behind it. I gawked at the multiple tents that I was able to see.

The tents were multicolored stripes with a red flag waving at the top. However, they were matted and ripped and stained with a red substance. Whoever owned this carnival needed some serious maintenance.

I slowly got up and walked down the gravel path, listening to the gravel crunch under my shoes. I took in a deep breath and stopped before I reached the sign, staring at the illuminating lights. I swallowed nervously and stepped into the carnival. I clenched my shirt and looked on both of my sides.

It wasn't the fact that this place was creepy as hell, it was the fact that nobody was here. Yet, the sign was on and gave off the impression that the carnival was open.
I stopped in my tracks when I noticed a huge tent in front of me. This one was different from the rest. Instead of being multicolored and run down, it was black and white and appeared very well taken care of.

“The Big Top is my pride and joy,” a gravelly male voice said behind me. I screamed and whirled around, my eyes wide.

I stared into two white, empty irises that stared tensely at me. His black lips were pulled into a small smile, showing off his shark-like teeth. He looked like a clown…
A very bland clown.

“Bland? Now now, (f/n), that isn’t a very nice to name to call your best friend. ” He emphasized the last two words hatefully, poison dripping in every letter. He took a step closer to me, his fingers twitching. “Nice wardrobe by the way, Miss Officer.”

“Best friend? I don’t even know who the hell you are, freak,” I screamed as I pulled out my gun. The clown stopped, closed his eyes and held up his hands in a surrendering manner.

“Take it easy. No need to resort to violence. I don’t intend to hurt you,” he said calmly. In an instant, he hand my hands behind my back and the gun was snatched out of my hands and kicked to the side. I gasped as I tried to break free of his grip, but I couldn’t even budge. He laughed and rested his chin on my shoulder. I could see his black-and-white stripped nose with my peripheral vision. The smile that he wore dropped and turned into a frown, his teeth slightly grinding against each other.

“But if you get in my way, we are going to have a little talk. Understood?” I glared at the ground and continued to struggle.

“I’m not listening to a damn word that comes out of you! Now get your hands off of me!” The clown was silent for a minute. His face became an empty canvass, un telling of his emotions that was racing though him. I groaned and gave up on struggling. I was almost worn out by trying to escape and this guy isn't even baffled by it.  He finally blinked and stared at me in a curious demeanor.

“You truly have no memory of who I am?”

“If I did, I would know who you are.” He let me go and I gave a rapid scream as I fell to the ground with a thud. I groaned and rubbed my butt, glaring up at the strange clown.

“I see.” He smirked and chuckled deeply to himself, walking away from me. “Looks like we have a play date tomorrow, (f/n). I want to see how much you have changed over the years.” I jumped as the world around me began to swirl and fade away. I saw the clown enter the Big Top and he clenched his fists at his side. He laughed again and licked his lips. “I also want to see who I have to get rid of to get you back. Like you said when you were younger.” The clown pointed to the sky and an audio recording of a little girls voice came on.

“No matter who I meet, Jack, you will always be my best friend. Never think twice about it.”

I stared at the clown and he smirked at me.

“I never will,” he whispered as the world around me went totally blank, leaving me in an abyss of darkness.

I screamed and shot out of my bed, falling down onto the floor. I breathed heavily and brushed my hair out of my face. I shakily got on my hands and knees, staring at the floor in disbelief.


Why was that name so familiar? Even though I said I didn’t know him, I got the urge that I did in fact know him.

But I didn’t know HIM, but, another part of him.

I sighed and got back onto the bed, picking the teddy bear off of the floor and held it close to me once again. I closed my eyes and snuggled into the mattress. Hopefully I won’t have a weird dream again.

But before I fell into my dreams, I saw the two white eyes staring at me, laughter in them.

“That dream was more real than you ever thought it could be. Good night, (f/n), don’t let the bed bugs bite!”


Alrighty, here is chapter 2! I’m finishing this early in the morning, so I apologize if there is any spelling or grammatical errors or nothing makes sense. I will patch up any errors, if any, later.

I can’t even express how much I appreciate all the views, favorites and comments! I really do appreciate them. You all rock!
Haha, it appears System Shock is the title for the BENxReader story!

Part 1…
Part 3:…
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I was listening to it when I found this story lol
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Hot teachers, tho
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It's going to be posted tonight, actually ^^ I'm still writing it right now, but it will be up tonight!
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Thanks ^^ Sure, I'll tell ya when the next one comes out!
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