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I growled and clawed at the arm that was restraining me to Jynx's body. His unnerving chuckle echoed through the empty obsidian air as he dropped me down onto the ground roughly. I glared up at his tall figure looming over me; he wore the same cocky smirk that is only natural of a demon.

"Thanks a lot, I never got to give my end-of-the-show courtesy bow," I sarcastically hissed at him. He crossed his muscular arms and his features lightened up as if he was amused. He crouched down to my sitting height and ran a sole finger from my jugular to the tip of my chin.

"Sorry to be a party crasher, but I'm sure you will enjoy this little session far more than that little magic show." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What? Getting kidnapped by a demon and drug to a void? I would enjoy that more than having fun with the people who I actually trust?" Jynx's lips thinned as he rolled his amethyst eyes.

"Why don't you pull your head out of your ass for a bit? I managed to pull your mom from her sweet little spot in purgatory for this chance for her to tell you what you want to know. Do you know how much I wanted to gag when I visited those puffy white clouds up there, thinking that is where she was? Ugh, I'm getting sick from the very thought. I should have had one of the lesser demons do it, but I don't think they would have been as sufficient as me." I clutched at the stone ground as I felt my throat tighten.

"M-my mom?" Jynx nodded and pat the side of my head a couple times.

"That is what I just said. Did something not register in that pretty little head of yours?" I sent him a glare which only made his smirk grow. I blinked as I saw a swirling black mass form on the ground. A slight gust of wind originated from it which sent a small shiver down my spine. My mouth went agape as I saw the Grim Reaper standing before me in all his undead glory. He turned his skeletal head towards me as I slowly stood up. Despite him having no eyes in his sockets, I could tell he was taking me in. Watching my every move. Judging me...

"So, this is the girl? The Spirit Warden," he asked slowly.

"Sure is. Now, about our deal, Grimm?" Grimm turned to Jynx and took out a small vial that was filled to the brim in a grey fog.

"This is only a one time thing, demon. Twenty souls for this one right here. Saves me the trip of having to make twenty more stops." Jynx reached into his pocket and pulled out a black bag. I frowned as I saw occasional bumps hit the sides of the bag as if something was struggling to escape. Well duh, of course there was. There were twenty scared souls trapped in that bag and destined for who knows what fate. Where they just twenty random people that Jynx decided to slaughter or did they actually deserve it?

Considering he is a demon, I'm going with the first choice.

Jynx tossed the sack in the air a couple times before throwing Grimm the bag. He caught it with one hand and gently handed the vial over to Jynx. Jynx stared down at the vial, a sinister grin covering his cocky smirk. He contently sighed and rolled the vial in his hand. I felt a nervous sweat break out at the thought of him dropping it. He probably wouldn't even give a damn if he did anyway.

"Well Grimm, I may not be a business man, but it was nice doing business with you." Grimm gave a quick nod and began to fade away. After a few seconds he was gone. Jynx blinked and turned to me. He looked at the vial once more before popping the lid off. The grey fog began to quickly pour out of the vial and into the air in front of Jynx. My eyes widened as the form of my mother was soon standing right in front of me. I felt my body began to quiver and tears stung the corners of my eyes.

My mom gasped and she fell to her knees, coughing. She took in a heavy breath and rested her hands on the ground, her nails gently raking the cold, grey stone.

"How are you doing, Marls? It's been a while..." My mom gasped and she wiped her head around and stared up at Jynx, her eyes wide with shock. For a few moments, she just sat there with a slight tremble. Her face then twisted into one of anger, her teeth clenched together. She shot up from her spot and growled, swinging her arm back.

"You fucking asshole," she screeched as she skyrocketed her fist forward. I jumped at the sound of the sickening crack from the impact to Jynx's jaw. I covered my mouth with my hand. Never in my whole life had I EVER seen my mom act like that! I noticed that the veins in her hands were white and pulsing. I glanced up at Jynx to see a small white section on his jaw sizzling. He chuckled deeply and turned his head to face my mother again, flashing his fangs. The sizzling spot began to fade away; he was using his demonic energy to override the celestial energy and heal himself.

"Nice to see you too, my little Warfox."

"I thought I ended your life that night!" Jynx shook his head, putting his hands in his pockets. He looked very smug.

"Well here we are in this juxtaposition. The demon, the nephilim, and the Spirit Warden. Not really  family photo album material." My mom gasped and she froze for a few seconds before slowly craning her head back to me. Her blue eyes widened as she spun around. She rushed over to me and cupped my face, putting a loose stand of (h/c) hair behind my ear. Tears began to weld up in her eyes, but I was not sure if they were tears of sadness or happiness.

"(F/n)? Is it really you?" I smirked and placed a trembling hand on my mom's left hand, squeezing it gently to add emphasis.

"Yeah, mom. It is." Her weary gaze swept over my face and searched my eyes for a minute. Finally, her lips curled into a smile and she hugged me close to her. I sniffed and embraced her back, digging my face into her golden-blonde hair. I felt her swallow hard and she pulled away from me, tears staining her cheeks. "Mom, what is going on?" Mom huffed and closed her eyes, opening them seconds later to divert her attention to the ground.

"Yes Marley, tell our daughter what is going on. After all, you secluded her from this as a child. After all she has gone through, she deserves to know the truth, Warfox." I glanced at Jynx and frowned.

"Why do you keep calling her that?" Jynx raised hie eyebrows in surprise and snickered.

"You did tell her THAT either? Oh boy, this gets better and better." My mom narrowed her eyes at the demon.

"Because she doesn't need to know about that! That part of my life is far gone, I never returned to it!" Jynx stood next to me with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I don't know how you were able to withhold your craving for blood, you sneaky fox. Especially where you resided when you were mortal again; fights and bloodshed everywhere."

What the hell!?

Mom growled and stomped over to him, her eyes burning with fury. I was kinda scared of her right now.

"What the hell are you talking about!? YOU made me into that! When I became the Spirit Warden all of that changed. I shed blood before you turned me into what I was because my village needed someone to cull the invaders and the men were too chicken-shit to do anything about that but send a small force out there when there is a huge ass army! They didn't learn that you can't just barge in like that, you have to pick them out one-by-one or in the case of a small group, you just have to be a little faster. But I got carried away at one point, which is where you came into the picture." She leaned in closer to him, a scowl on her strained face, "And I know you spoke to her of my...betrayal...Not like you were any better, Samuel."

Jynx snarled and back-slapped my mom, causing her to fall harshly to the floor with the echo of the impact. Fresh fury overcame my senses.

"You bastard," I managed to bite through my teeth as I withdrew one of my guns. Jynx turned around to face me, his face expressionless.

"(F/n), you have the wrong end of that thing pointed at my head." My eyes widened as his arm turned into a jet-black fog. Two narrowed purple eyes appeared along with three stripes behind them that began to extract purple fog. A snarled muzzle began to form at the front, opening it's mouth to reveal jagged black teeth with obsidian saliva coating the entire mouth, running onto the floor. It let out a velociraptor/hissing like sound as it launched itself at me, mouth agape and eyes leaving a small purple trail behind them.

I howled in pain as the teeth clenched down onto my arm, shattering my forearm bones. I dropped the gun and tried to pull away, but it was a lost cause. Hot tears streamed down my face as searing hot pain raced through my arm and shoulder. I glanced back up at Jynx with watery, pain-filled eyes. The thing snarled shallowly as it still clung to my arm which was now nearly pouring with several streams crimson blood.

"Good boy Tenebris." Jynx walked over to me and picked up the gun, returning it to it's place in my holster. I groaned in pain and I glanced up at Jynx. He cupped my chin and flashed a smile. "Those bullets of your won't work on me. You do have to realize that those human weapons will not be effective on all of your enemies. It may assist in wounding them, but no mater how many bullets you put through the heart, they will not drop. You have to resort to powers such as Tenebris here. You have your own, you know. You see, you and I are the last two kind of our species of demon; Daemon Umbrae. Yes, all demons can hide in shadows and yada yada yada, but you and I are the puppet masters of the shadows. "

"I seem to be the safe house for any paranormal beings who are the last of their kind; Archangels, Archdemons, and now apparently its Daemon Umbrae ." Jynx snorted and straightened himself back up.

"That's a plus for being the Spirit Warden. You may or may not become an inn for the paranormal. Anyways, our kind are able to control the shadows with a flick of our fingers. We can steal the shadows of others and use them at our beck and call, turn shadows into any solid object we desire, and not to mention we can turn to shadows ourselves for defenses and attacks." I narrowed my eyes and swallowed harshly. This damn thing was still chomped down onto my arm.

"And why are you telling me all this?"

"The answer would be simple enough to answer, my dear. You need to know what power runs through your veins. Also, it will be valuable in the future." I groaned in pain as Tenebris shifted his mouth, tearing some of my skin. I glanced over at my mom who rose from the ground, a large red spot adorning her right cheek.

I clenched my eyes shut and my right arm began to quiver violently. I felt the dark energy race to my entire arm and push into my muscles. I snapped my eyes open and glanced down at my arm that was beginning to turn into shadows. I glanced at Tenerbis and growled, opening my palm, releasing the extent of the power. The shadow that I created was almost an exact replica of Tenebris but  the color that radiated from any crack in she shadow was a golden color instead of purple and it's coating was white instead of the ominous obsidian natural to shadows.

"Ah, I see that your Archangel has control over this power at the moment." I sent my shadow after Tenebris. She let out a hiss as her massive jaws bit into Tenebris's head, ripping him off of me. Tenebris shrieked as white light began to crackle around his eyes and mouth. He let out one final growl before his colors extinguished, causing the shadow to fade into the void. My eyes widened at the scene. "If you were wondering, no, you did not kill him. You just killed another of the hundreds of clones he has. That one will be replaced within a matter of hours. How are you, Aria? Long time no see." Aria, aka my shadow, turned to Jynx, her golden eyes narrowing. She hissed and came closer to me; I felt a lick of the shadow hit the back of my neck and my wounded arm. I glanced down in amazement as the wounds began to heal.

"You are still the same cocky, manipulative demon as ever, Jynx. These decades haven't chanced a thing," her smooth voice echoed throughout the empty air. My mom walked over to us, her eyes sad. Aria glanced at my mother and her hardened features softened. "Marley..."

"Hello, Aria." Aria closed her eyes and the shadow began to take the form of the woman from my vision a couple days ago, excluding the wings and her wardrobe change. She now wore a top that cut off at her chest that had golden-lining designs and golden stones placed at the bottom. Her pants had the same golden trimming. On her arms were white gloves that went up to her elbows. She still did, however, have long flowing white hair and gentle blue eyes.

Aria walked over to my mother and looked her up and down. "It's a shame this happened to you. You deserve so much better. You turned your back on the darkness that was consuming your being and accepted the light. But then someone was a sore loser and extinguished your life," Aria growled as she glanced quickly at Jynx from over her shoulder. My mom shook her head.

"I was not fit for the job, Aria. I did  not possess the capabilities of the Spirit Warden. Despite your radiance within me, the darkness was consuming me. I had no other choice than to facilitate with him and try to rid myself of the darkness."

"Our very last fight together weakened Sakiri and I greatly. However, we managed to wipe out most of the Daemon Umbrae." I gasped and glanced at my mom.

"Mom, how did you manage to get Sakiri to kill demons?" Mom turned more in my direction and gave a small yet comfortable smile.

"The Spirit Warden controls both Archs. You give them their commands and they have no choice to abide. Sakiri may detest every other human or creature out there and she would rip their throats out given the chance, but she only pledges her loyalty to you."

"Master," Aria began. My eyes widened slightly. Master? "My sister and I are under your strict command; you may summon us out of your body to fight alongside you, or you may conserve more energy and keep us inside where we can siphon our powers to you. You are our master, we follow your commands, and we only abide to your rules. That is all we know anymore, our self-wills were shattered the night your mother became the Spirit Warden. Even Sakiri follows the rules, but like your mother said, she is not friendly towards others." I blinked and stared down at the ground, trying to process all of this. Something then clicked in my mind.

"Wait a minute. I was told that the Spirit Warden has their powers passed down to them from the parent. Why did my mom have to kill you?" Aria frowned and glanced at my mother. Jynx was walking around us with his trademark smirk, apparently enjoying the show.

"That is a fact; the Spirit Warden does pass the powers down to their child. However, your mother was not the case. Nobody in her family was even coordinated with any of the paranormal except for her because of her nephilim side, excluding one of her parents. The last Spirit Warden, unfortunately, became too corrupt with power and began to cause more destruction and mayhem than good. He became so lost in his thirst for more power that he lost who he was. He had to be permanently culled. His demonic energy became so great through the intake of all the bloodshed and hate that even his Archangel became corrupt. He wasn't even the Spirit Warden anymore, he was a demon with a malfunctioning side. We managed to only end the two Arch's, but we soon found out that he had made a deal with a demon and became a soldier of Hell's army which is why his build-up of demonic energy managed to overpower his celestial energy. Since the paranormal world was in a cataclysm of unbalance, a new Spirit Warden had to be re-born."

Oh my god, I need some Tylenol.

"Since I had the nephilim blood running through me, I was the closest candidate. In the event that there is not a passing of the Spirit Warden powers from parent to child, two Archs must be sacrificed and siphoned into the new Spirit Warden. That dagger that you saw in the vision was coated in the power of the last two Archs that we managed to keep locked away for such an occasion. Aria and Sakiri were the last two Archs left. The war that took place between Heaven and Hell wiped most of them out. Now, new Archs are being created on both sides, but they take hundreds of years to perfect to ensure that there is no wrong doing in them."

"But Sakiri is an Archdemon," I argued," How was she able to switch sides?" Aria sighed and crossed her arms over her chest, her blue eyes glancing at the ground.

"Sakiri had a glitch. A very rare glitch." I nodded and glanced at my mom, not wanting to upset Aria more.

"I also understand that your friends want to help you retain your energies to ensure that you don't go haywire with them, but you do not have to worry about that." I bit my lower lip and glanced at Jynx.

"But I have more demon in me than anything else! Won't I end up like the other Spirit Warden?"

"No," Aria answered," I can tell that you are not power hungry. Also, you have that small portion of human and nephilim to even things out. Recall me saying that he sold his human self to become a demon because Hell promised him more power. His Archangel pleaded him not too, but how can you listen to another and heed their advice if you can't even listen and follow advice you give yourself. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he was too lost." Jynx laughed and walked over to us.

"I remember him. He did it for a good reason, though."

"He may have had good intentions, but he took those intentions too far. He began killing the ones he vowed to protect. All because he was greedy," Mom hissed, glaring daggers at Jynx.

"Hey, greed is a deadly sin. Total bonus for him. Not like it even matters," Jynx whispered tauntingly,"he is dead and gone." Aria shook her head and glanced at Jynx.

"No, he is still alive. He is locked deep within his own cold dead heart." Jynx rolled his eyes and walked away, waving his hand in a dismissive manner.

"Yeah, six feet in the ground. But he somehow manages to 'claw his way out of his grave.' Why are females so dramatic? No wonder you all love those chick-flick and hearts made of chocolate shit. Anyways, I have better things to do." I saw Jynx pull out a cellphone and opened a Candy Crush app. With that, he materialized away . A demon playing Candy Crush. Okay then...

My mom groaned and she got on one knee, grasping her head. I saw her image flicker a couple times.

"My time here is almost up. I was only rented for a small while. Honey, I need you to do something." I rushed over to my mom and grasped her hands.

"Anything, mom." Mom smirked and ran a hand through my (h/c) hair.

"(F/n), I need you to go to my grave and dig up my casket. There was something buried with me that I want you to have for later." Okay, maybe I won't do that.

"Mom, you want me to go to your gave. Dig you up. See your dead body. Shift through your casket and take something?"

"You got it sweetie." She wasn't kidding. "Oh, by the way, you can let Aria and Sakiri out of your body and manifest into their 'human' forms. Like Aria here, for example. If you want to go to the grocery store with someone, then just summon up your girls and boom, no lonely grocery shopping for you."

"Thanks for trying to lighten up the mood, mom."

"No problem." She kissed my forehead and smiled warmly at me, tears on the brink of her cool blue eyes. "I love you."

"Love you too." With that, she faded away. That was probably the last time I was going to see her. I sighed and faced Aria. Well, I faced where Aria HAD been. Now, it was just empty space. I shrugged and began to walk forward until I fell face first into a blue portal underneath me.

I felt something smack my forehead a couple times before there was a feminine grunt. I groaned and rolled my head to the side. I moved my hand on the surface, but I felt something cold and slippery instead. I heard a small clicking sound and I rolled onto my side, my right cheek resting in whatever I landed on. Or IN.

"Holy fuck," I heard the groggy voice of Lone Star exclaim.

"Dove! Can you and DM come down here? I think we are  getting robbed or somthin'! A woman just fell from the sky and crashed down onto the counter and landed in my Swirly Rainbow yogurt and she is layin' here like a dead body except she is kinda twitchin'. I'll go get my meat cleaver since hoodlins these days think they can just sneak up on Mama Croc and steal her stuff." My eyes snapped open and I glanced down at the apparent yogurt that I landed in. "What? Don't beat her? ...Or cut her? ...Really? Oh, okay! I'll just leave her here then. See yall' soon. I don't think her twitchin' is getting better though." I groaned and began to sit up. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes, blinking rapidly.

"Hey, it's (F/n)," Tex said.

"No shit, Einstein. She just crashed through the damn ceiling." I glanced to see Tex and Lone Star standing in front of a woman wearing a golden dress, earrings, neck rings, necklace, and handkerchief tied into her beige hair. Oh, she also had a crocodile tail and green scales running up and down her arm and cheeks. She walked over to me, but not before turning her head to Tex and Lone Star.

"Don't even think about goin' near those cookies again you two!" She turned back to me. "Are you okay, darlin?"

"No, not really. I'm pretty fucking far from okay." She frowned and slapped me on the back.

"Well now don't you worry. Dove and DM will fix all your problems." Yeah, I wish. I groaned and sat up on the counter, my back killing me. I heard a door open and a huge sigh.

"Thank god, there you are," I heard Dove exclaim. She ran over to me and gave me a bear hug. "I though that dude was going to take you away forever. DM and I had to play it off like it was part of the show. We did it somehow."

"That's nice..." Dove let me go and glanced at me. DM walked over to us.

"What happened," he asked, his voice low and serious. I sighed and cleared my throat.

"I found out that my mom was involved in some kind of war and she killed a shit load of people because people in her town didn't know how to war and then I found out that I am half of the last type of demon that can do all kinds of stuff with shadows then Aria my archangel showed up and we went into the history of the Spirit Warden and I leaned that there was this one guy who was  the Spirit Warden but he became corrupt because he sold his soul to Hell because he was power crazy and I also learned that I have total control over myself and my Arch's; they are my bitches." I took in a deep breath and smiled slightly.

Everyone in the room stared at me with wide eyes, unblinking.

"Well, I bet that was fun..." Dove said awkwardly.

"No, not really. My brain hurts." DM sighed.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" I cringed and got up, glancing at my yogurt covered arms and torso. I smiled up at him.

"I would love to, but I'm pretty tired." With that, I took off back to the park to get my car.

I opened the door to my apartment and glanced around for Jack. There was no apparent sign of him anywhere. I went to the bathroom and took a long, much needed shower. Once I changed into my pj's, I snuggled under my covers and rolled onto my side, sighing contently despite the events that happened today racing through my mind.

"So, you decided to show up as my guest of honor," I heard Jack growl approvingly. My eyes snapped open as I jumped in place at his voice. I looked around to see that I was sitting in black bleachers facing an arena in the Big Top. I glanced back to see Jack sitting in a black and white throne chair, absently chewing on a piece of candy as he stared down at me. He grinned down at me and chuckled. "Then let the show begin."
Ohhhhhh, drama! Drama Llama! :icondramallamaplz:

Grimm belongs to :iconvampyreofthenight:

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